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I practice a healing modality called Brennan Healing Science. It is a skilled holistic healing system that is used by graduates of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. This system works with the client’s consciousness and energy field to enhance healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I use High Sense Perception to access information that supports health and hands-on-healing that facilitates specific repair of the energy field. This is accompanied by energy counseling that supports personal transformation. That’s a mouthful, but it basically means that what we feel, think and believe about life including the stress of relationships and daily events, affects us physically. With support we can consciously change the way we create our lives. When we enhance our connection to our inner guidance we go on to live the life we have always, secretly, imagined. Brennan Healing Science is an adjunct therapy. It works well with professional medical care especially for pain reduction, recovery from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Many physical and emotional issues respond well to treatment including panic attacks, fertility issues, heart disease, digestion issues, endocrine imbalance, bone and muscular problems. The sessions are soothing and calming. They generally leave the client in a deep, contemplative state. The healing process encourages each person by giving them loving support that addresses their precise needs. This creates inner growth and outward self-empowerment.


joI have been practicing and teaching healing for more than twenty years. I became a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and learned Sat Nam Rasayan, a yogic healing modality. This taught me the value of combining or yoking the physical with energy and consciousness. This in turn led me to learn Brennan Healing Science. Barbara Brennan, PhD, a former NASA physicist developed the protocols and her books Hands of Light and Light Emerging are classics in the field of healing.
I graduated from the four- year program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and went on to complete three advanced training programs, representing an additional seven years of academic and practical training. I taught Fundamentals of Brennan Healing Science workshops for many years and then became a faculty member at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Japan. That was the fulfillment of one of my dreams after having cancer helped me reorder my priorities.
Along the way I became interested the process of living with the idea of death and dying so I trained as a Hospice Volunteer. I also experienced hypnotic regression to the life-between-lives as taught at the Newton Institute, something I strongly recommend. The path of healing and personal expansion is my passion and I love sharing it with others.


Available in person and by phone.


Address: Cape Cod, MA
Phone: 508.362.0538
Email: jo@joevanskoenig.com


You are an angel and an inspiration. Your warm healing and wisdom are a blessing to me, and your faith and encouragement make the stars shine in the universe of my life.